How To Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

Most of us know there are two main categories in web browsers. One is the chromium-based and the other is non-chromium. But why internet users prefer using Chromium-based web browsers? Well, the answer is simple. Users prefer to stay private & secure while surfing the internet. Also, such browsers are efficient and they do work perfectly as you ask them to do so.

I am here to talk about a Chromium-based browser that needs no introduction. Yes, the Mozilla Firefox web browser, that’s doing a pretty good job specifically for the Linux & Ubuntu users. But in Windows OS, it’s one-step behind the tech giant’s product named Google Chrome. Though, I am here to talk about a feature called Picture-in-Picture Mode. Because most users are unfamiliar with the fact that it’s available in Firefox now. So here, I will tell you How To Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox.  This goal is easy to accomplish and you will see it yourself by performing it with the help of my guide.

What is the Picture-in-Picture Mode?

Remember watching a video online and willing to visit other web pages? Well, now thanks to chromium-based web browsers, you get to watch videos in a smaller video player while visiting other web pages of a website. This feature was first introduced in Google Chrome and then after a very long time (a year), Firefox decided to deliver the same services to its users.

Enabling Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

It’s easy to enable Picture-in-Picture mode in Firefox. But before leading you towards the steps, you are required to make sure of one thing. This feature works only if you have installed Firefox 67 or above. So if you the older version of this web browser, it’s time you update it to enjoy HTML5 web sites.

  • Launch the Firefox web-browser.
  • Type about:config in the URL bar and press enter.
  • Now select I accept the risk.

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

  • See the configuration files.
  • For your ease, type media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.enabled in the search bar.

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

  • Set the value “True” the file by double-clicking on it.

Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

  • Now the Picture-in-Picture will be enabled on Firefox.

Using Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

Now that you have enabled the facility, it’s time you start using Picture-in-Picture mode in Firefox. To be sure, you need to open the websites that are supported by HTML5. Like the most favorite live streaming platform Youtube, Google has made sure that users get to enjoy Picture-in-Picture mode. But there is a Con about a website known to billions of users, which is named Facebook.

If you consider this website’s Alexa and the ranking in the world’s best website, Picture-in-Picture mode should be available in it. But unfortunately, it’s not,  it is annoying but what can you do. Also, this service in Firefox is new, as in its beta version. So you might find difficulty in using it on every live streaming web site. But to be sure, you will always encounter a blue icon available at the top-right corner when it’s supported by Picture-in-Picture mode.

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