Download Yahoo Groups Data

Download Yahoo Groups data before it’s disappear

If you want to confirm the news that Verizon is deleting Yahoo Group data after 14 December, you heard it right. Its the fact and Verizon announced it. If yahoo group users don’t want to lose their data then download it before the 14th of December. After 24 October 2019, no data can be uploaded on Yahoo Groups. And 14 Dec 2019 is the final date, the company will wipe out all data present on servers.

The downfall of Yahoo:

Yes! you heard it right. Yahoo became the perfect example of a financial disaster. The phrase from boom to bear exactly fits on Yahoo. Once upon a time, Yahoo was a multi-billionaire company. A billion users were using this platform for professional, educational and personal communication. Now, this former giant technology conglomerate doesn’t have money even to run their own expense. There was a time when Yahoo was a multi-billionaire brand. The company that once have a fortune of 125 Billion USD was sold to Verizon only for 4.4 Billion USD.

Download Yahoo Groups Data

Interesting Fact: Have you heard about the Yahoo Security breach? When users important mails were leaked and Yahoo 3 billion accounts were manipulated. Yahoo agreed to pay for a settlement fund of $117.5 million to users.

Yahoo Messenger was already shut down in July 2018. And this year they achieve another unwanted record. Yahoo Groups are shutting down finally. It the end of the Yahoo Groups era after 18 years. The statements made on group service shutting down by Ancient Yahoo are.

  • On October 28, 2019, no more uploads will be accepted by the Yahoo operators.
  • On December 14, 2019, all content present on the Yahoo portal and back servers will be wiped out permanently.

Important Note: New groups can be created after 28 October but no more file uploading. This means you can’t attach any file on Yahoo Groups now. Visit the Yahoo official platform to clear your misconceptions related to group deletion.

Why Yahoo Shutting Down Services?

Personal Analysis:

We are presenting our point of view, maybe the written analysis Don’t know the specific reasons behind this issue. But, a fact which is obvious that no company can offer services without finance. All business community knows that Yahoo is going in loss. So we can say that they don’t have enough finance to run such a huge setup of Yahoo Groups. Overall, you need heavy servers to keep exabytes of data. And the expense of keeping data is pretty costly for Yahoo. Even Verizon is avoiding the expense of its subsidiary.  That’s our opinion maybe we are wrong or maybe right. Because the information indicates that our doubts are authentic somehow. Here is the list of data file types that are recovering from Yahoo Groups.

  • Files
  • Polls
  • Links
  • Photos
  • Folders
  • Calendar
  • Database
  • Attachments
  • Conversations
  • Email Updates
  • Message Digest
  • Message History

Now we are moving towards the remedy. Because many of us have important data on Yahoo which is necessary to download. So, if you have any data on Yahoo Groups download it immediately. Even your complete data file will take some days to get delivered on your Mail.

How to Download Yahoo Groups data:

Here are the steps to download Yahoo Groups Data on your device. Be quick, days are becoming short and the final date is coming near. You have a very short time period otherwise you can get deprived of your precious data.

  • Visit the Yahoo Groups page, click on the group where files are present.
  • Click on photos on the top menu to select photos. Click on box labeled show results only from my photos
  • Cursor over the photos you want to download.
  • Click on the Download icon in the lower right corner.

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